5 Most Common Mistakes on Social Media

Regardless of the size and its focus, many companies are doing the same mistakes when it comes to social media. We bring you a brief overview of the five most common mistakes that we find, with advice on how to fix them.


How to write better posts on Facebook?

Ever since Facebook announced that it will reduce the organic range of business Facebook page, it caused problems - interactions of fans are significantly reduced. Now, only about 6% of fans see your posts, but to increase that number, follow these tips before you publish your next post:


Zipline Croatia - second Facebook campaign

Second Facebook campaign for Zipline Croatia began on April 8th, 2014, and lasted until May 7th, 2014. Number of fans before the start of the campaign was 4225, and after the end of the campaign that number had increased to 5,570 total fans on the Facebook page.



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