Google AdWords Advertising

Google AdWords is contextually targeted advertising, which means that your ad will appear only when the engine or the page contains the same or a similar term as the content of your ad.

  Benefits of Google AdWords advertising:
  ad appears when someone searches for a similar or the same product that you offer
  ad shows where you want, when you want
  impressions are free of charge - only if the user clicks on the ad, you will spend money
  you can spend amount of money you want daily or monthly
  results can be traced to the last detail
  scope is huge (Google Search Network and Google Display Network cover over 80 % of Internet users in the world)

Principle of operation:
  • Campaign definition (client introduces us to an assortment of products and services, customer descriptions, objectives, financial resources ...)
  • Campaign creation
  • Ads preparation and keyword analysis
  • Campaign monitoring and optimizing 
  • Campaign modifying
  • Performance measuring


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