SIT - Information Technology Fair

Information Technology Fair (Sajam informacijskih tehnologija - SIT) has emerged as an activity of the Association for Promotion of Information Technology (Udruga za promicanje informacijskih tehnologija – UPIT) through the project "Široki Brijeg - Digital City and Knowledge Society" supported by the LOD program and funded by the European Union. The main objective is the presentation and popularization of the use of modern technology and the reference to the development of new economic opportunities.

The fair is held since 2010 as a two-day event, which consists of various lectures and conferences on the application of ICT in different sectors of society, and of showroom for the representation of companies and their products. Promotion of ICT had the task to increase computer literacy, to point to a new trend in society and to apply it at the local level.

UPIT is committed to developing infrastructure and policies of ICT in the region and to create conditions for the development and deployment of new technologies through partnerships with public institutions. Topics such as computer education, online advertising, internet access, mobile application development and advertising via mobile devices are just some of the themes that we have previously dealt with on our fair.