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In today's business climate, your interactions on Facebook can be the main reason for which your clients or consumers will choose you. If you want to connect with your old and new clients online, a Facebook page is what you need to get started. Interaction via Facebook pages gives you improved ways to present your services, special activities and promotions.

  Why choose us to manage your Facebook page?
  professional page management by regular content updates
  flawless design: page must look good and be attractive to fans
  customized welcome tabs and other graphics to be singled out from the crowd
  more Facebook fans and building and promoting the brand and the company to a wider audience
  presentation of your products and services and encouraging fans to choose you
  more visitors to your website: links on Facebook will send visitors to your website , which leads to better conversions and salese
  your message will be heard by a large number of people: promoting products and special offers on Facebook should be complemented with other marketing channels 

We offer:

Facebook Page Management   Facebook Ads Management   Facebook Apps
  • creation and design of fan page
  • post, photos , videos and links updates
  • communication with fans
  • tracking statistics
  • creating ads and campaigns
  • market targeting
  • monitoring the effectiveness of a campaign
  • reporting on progress of a campaign
  • number of clicks 300 - 2000 (depending on a budget)
  • ad display number 60 000 - 80 0000 (depending on a budget)
  • Photo Contest
  • Knowledge Quiz
  • Group Competitions
  • Instant Prizes
  • Taggium




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