SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

You can have the best website in the world, but if potential customers do not find it because it doesn’t appear in search engines and in search results or is very poorly positioned, then such a website will not have much of a purpose. You will not reach your potential customers, partners and other Internet users.

  SEO is great for:
  anyone wishing to compete in organic search on search engines
  new internet sites that are under construction
  existing sites where there has been no optimization
  Google Adwords advertising (good optimization gives better performance, lower cost and higher position of ads)

Phases of SEO are:
Website Analysis
Keyword Selection
Implementation of keywords on a website
Adaptation of existing content and suggestions for new content
Internal optimization of website (on page optimization)
External optimization and website promotion (off page optimization)


Website optimization is a time-consuming job, where real results can be seen only after several months of intensive work. If your competition on the Internet is increased, than the efforts required to achieve good performance optimization and high positions in search engines must also be increased.

Investing in SEO is a long term investment. The initial one-time costs are slightly higher, but for a longer period are provided by the high number of visitors to your site and thus a constant stream of customers.

Given that SEO services are complex, offers are made individually on request of client.

  Optimization price depends on many factors, some of which are:
  • number of subpages that are to be optimized
  • number of keywords
  • competition
  • monitoring and optimizing campaign
  • investment opportunities



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