Web Shop Application

Do you sell products online? If not, start immediately! If you already have an online shop, then considers how you manage it and how much success do you get from it. Companies with a large number of partners have big problems with communication and delivering orders. Online solution allows faster and more efficient sales.

Today in the world of tablets, we give you a modern form of sales using mobile devices that are connected to the Internet and that enable the fastest and most accurate field sale. Whether you do retail, wholesale or salesmen sell your products, we have a solution. Allow salesmen and selected partners insight into the direct sales of your products or services. Limit the partners on what you want them to see (prices and stock adjusted for partners) and devote yourself to sale.


  When do you need a Web Shop?
  you intend to start some kind of online presentation of your products
  you strive to achieve direct communication with customers and potential partners
  you want to simplify and accelerate sales
  you decided to solve the problem of handling a large number of items
  you want to have a compliant offer on the web with the offer on your business system
  you try to reduce advertising costs


The solution allows you to drastically reduce the time that employees spend ordering and dictating over the phone. Custom layout can enable your partners to sell your items as they have their own web shop.


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