Meet Hercegovina - travel website

Herzegovina has huge tourism potential. With a lot stronger neighbours, in whose countries the tourist activity is far better organized, it has a lot of their own problems. The aim of our project was not to change procedures, encourage investment and state aid. We cannot do it. Our goal was to improve the current situation and give owners the opportunity to initiate their development. Tourists who come in Herzegovina increasingly use online booking.

This increase was not accompanied by conditions on the ground because the owners are not able to respond to the needs of the market due to lack of funds, time, education, and language skills or quality of qualified personnel. As a solution to this problem we have created a website called Meet Hercegovina. Combining quality content, the presentation of tourism services and products in one place, we open a space for the creation of new tourism products, for guests to fully experience the beauty of this area. This project was financed by Regional Development Agency for Herzegovina REDAH, as part of CREDO Herzegovina.