The guiding idea behind our project named "Taggium" is to create a unique solution for presentation of concerts or other events on giga-pixel panorama where visitors can tag themselves and share it with their friends. We have created a miracle of modern marketing, which will be covered in all media and will ensure a lot of new fans on social networks.

Photographing the event by a large number of images and linking them in a single photo is currently the most modern way of displaying events and connecting with visitors. Photos of event are done with special equipment and are later transferred to a studio, where they are processed and merged into a large panorama. There is also an option for visitors for tagging themselves in a photo - they can zoom in and thus find themselves in the crowd.

Taggium is an application that allows users to tag themselves and their friends in giga-pixel panoramic photographs, and share it on social networks like Facebook. This app was developed in ActionScript and XML patched so that the layout can be completely customized to the needs of a particular event and to the wishes of our clients. It is ideal as a great marketing tool for small and large events of any kind - music, culture, sports ... Platform can be used for sweepstakes, fan product sales, tickets and other products and services that involve interaction with customers.