Taggium - viral event promotion

Taggium is the application for tagging people in photos. It is most suitable for events with a lot of visitors, where we make giga-pixel photo that can be zoomed and tagged.

On this unique solution for concerts and other events, visitors can tag themselves as visitors of a show and share it with friends on social networks. Due to the size of the image, it can be zoomed to the extent that any person in the crowd can be clearly seen.

  Advantages of using Taggium:
  display of concerts and similar events on high-resolution, giga-pixel panorama
  possibility of tagging visitors
  use of data of tagged visitors for promotions and sweepstakes
  increase of number of fans on sites
  viral marketing
  additional services to increase interaction with visitors of event


Your visitors are the best and free event promoters. Do something that does not yet exist in our region. Stand out with the modern miracle of technology, which will be covered by the most of the media, and ensure high coverage with a lot of new fans.


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