Mobile Sales - Travelling Salesman

An increasing number of companies have a need for more advanced management of travelling salesmen. Before, salesmen had to carry a large number of paper with descriptions of what they offer, print out stock list that would not be updated until their departure and check prices and supplies over phone. He/she had to return to office with orders and type and send it to headquarters, only to realize later that the required goods are not in stock.

Today, travelling salesmen handle all the information using only one device and it is a mobile phone or a tablet. No catalogue with products, paper with tags and sellers who spend more time on the phone, checking data, rather than in a conversation with customers.

  Possibilities of our solution for mobile sales:
  use on mobile devices with Internet access
  updated stock supplies and item prices
  checkups of goods at warehouses

transfer orders directly from field to headquarters

  information about orders via e-mail to all relevant parties

import orders directly into the business system

  check the debts of client and block new orders
  reports by sellers and buyers


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