Mreža Portala – Banner Advertising

Mreža Portala is currently the most powerful medium in Western Herzegovina, with over 40,000 unique visits a day, and more than 120 000 view pages a day. These joined websites cover local themes such as news, politics, culture, sports...

If you want to attract visits to your website, to expand the concept of presence online, to interest prospective partners, to attract new customers - contact us as soon as possible and become an online advertiser. With this new Internet media, you can promote your products and services directly to targeted customers in their homes.

  Advantages of advertising on the Mreža Portala:

increased number of internet users in Bosnia and Herzegovina - the current figure is around one million users, especially young people aged 14-35 years

  price of advertising online is several times lower than other media, especially when the ratio of costs and cost-effectiveness are taken into account
  advertising on these websites is directed toward the target population, which wants to buy your products
  Internet is the fastest medium , and so the ads can be designed and implemented as soon as possible
  Internet advertising (banners) are very flexible, so you can edit them at any time
  potential buyers can get unlimited information about your products and services before they buy them

Currently, we offer advertising on the two positions at 10 local websites.
Banner sizes are 468x60 at the top and 300x150 (size and position depend on websites).
You can find out more about Mreža Portala and its members on


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