5 Most Common Mistakes on Social Media

Regardless of the size and its focus, many companies are doing the same mistakes when it comes to social media. We bring you a brief overview of the five most common mistakes that we find, with advice on how to fix them.


1. wrong measurement data

The most common mistake in this area is to emphasize the number of fans - this approach is symptomatic of a larger problem: the notion of social networks as another mass medium through which you can push marketing content about your company. In reality this is not an important number if fans do not talk about your content on Facebook, and if they do not share videos, tweets and LinkedIn posts. You should track more metrics, including brand sentiment, speed and quality of customer service and engagement fans (comments, sharing, CTR, etc..).

2. too many different social networks
After the social network began to expand in business world, each department wanted its own Facebook page, Twitter account or Pinterest board. Many brands have jumped on the new platform without the means to update their content and to engage their fans. It is better to be present in a small number of networks and publish quality content, but inconsistently be everywhere.

3. posts only about your company
By social standards, brands, just like people, get boring easily, especially if you only talk about yourself. Of course you want to sell more, but unless you have real news or product offerings, you need to focus to be interesting.

4. social network department is isolated from the others
Departments such as customer service, marketing, web development and other must cooperate with the department of social networks on a daily basis because this department can have a multifunctional role.

5. you don't have a plan
Establishing a clear plan for the company is imperative, and efficient plan should assign each social network, make an editorial calendar, create a process for complaints of fans and determine staffing needs.


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