5 Reasons to Use Google AdWords

"Why to use Adwords" and "Does Google Adwords work?" are highly sought key phrases on Google search engine, which suggests that there are a lot of entrepreneurs who have heard of Google AdWords, but are not sure if and how they can be used. We believe that Google Adwords is very successful method of advertising that works on the principle of pay per click - and it's great for any type of business. Using Adwords requires time and money, but thousands of companies confirms that those are well spent time and money, because AdWords offers a measurable return on investment. Read our 5 reasons to use AdWords.

1. AdWords is scalable
If one create an AdWords campaign, later it can be adapted to your needs and abilities. You can increase your PPC budget and profits will increase accordingly. It makes AdWords very effective for businesses that want to advertise, but are short on time and staff.

2. AdWords is measurable
Compared to traditional marketing channels such as TV and advertising in magazines, online marketing is highly measurable, but AdWords is the most advanced system when it comes to measuring advertising results.

3. AdWords is flexible
AdWords gives you a ton of options, so you can adjust your campaigns and ads for your needs, but also to target the audiences you want to reach. For example, you can specify keywords, use ad extensions for contact details or image ad, target your audience by location, age, language, type of device used, etc.., access users who do not search through Gmail and YouTube, and much more.

4. AdWords is faster than SEO
New companies and websites sometimes have to wait months to see the results of optimization. AdWords is a great workaround for new businesses because they do not have to wait that long to see results. While working on the optimization of your website, you can invest in your AdWords campaign and start seeing clicks immediately.

5. AdWords complements other marketing channels
AdWords is complementary to other marketing methods. With AdWords marketing, you can keep track of where your visitors came from (through social media with a blog, via e-mail newsletter that you send, etc...). After one visit to your web site, your campaign will "follow" them on the Internet and display your ads.


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