5 Twitter Features You Should Use More Often

Most people only use the main feature on the social networks. Few people know that hidden features can be useful. Twitter is one of the largest social platforms in the world and is great for conversations with people who are not likely to meet in real life, either for personal or professional purposes. The activities below will help you discover how to effectively use Twitter.


Connect with more people
Like many other social networks, Twitter gives you the ability to browse your database of contacts with other platforms to find people you already know. This feature is often insufficiently utilized and very useful to connect with people. You can use your contacts from Gmail, Yahoo, AOL or Outlook account.

Follow the activities of other users
Did you know that Twitter has a "feed of activities" that is very like Facebook newsfeed? On the main page of Twitter, you can see what people you follow tweet. Further information on who to follow, who they like and tweets that list have to be found in the feed of activities which can be found via #Discover.

Use „Favorite" more often
On Twitter, favoring of tweets is the equivalent of likes on Facebook. But how often do you use this option, especially when compared to Facebook? When you click on tweet favorite, its author receives notification of that activity. It's a good way to attract someone's attention.

Follow trends
Hashtag are very useful for finding discussions and people, especially when using them in your tweets. Depending on how you want to monitor trends and where you come from, you can adjust the geographical area of the trends you follow.

Like Google or other search engine, Twitter allows you to narrow the search for improved efficiency. When you read the search results, click on "Advanced Search" on the right side. Then you can narrow the search by keywords, hashtags, places, people, etc.. Also, you can save all search and can easily return to them in the future.



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