E-mail marketing for restaurants - what to do and what not to do

E-mail marketing is inexpensive, quick and easy, but if you are sending out newsletters in the right way, it can be very lucrative and beneficial to your company. Follow these simple instructions on what to do, and what does not when it comes to email marketing for restaurants. 

Send coupons with discounts and special offers. Your visitors do not care what your restaurant celebrates fourth birthday because what do they get?

Set the option to print a list of newsletters. If you do, your email will be considered spam, and the only thing people hate more than spam e-mails are the people who send spam.

Set the option of signing in several different ways (email, social networks...). In this way you too will be able to gather a variety of information about visitors to your restaurant.

Do not send regular e-mails. Use templates and colourful graphics to attract new visitors.

Do not send newsletters or too often or seldom. Create a schedule campaigns and stick to it.

Do not send a newsletter at the wrong time. Studies show that the best time to send this kind of e-mails just before lunch. We also recommend avoiding Monday.


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