Facebook Fan Page vs. Facebook Profile: Which one is better for business?

There is a huge difference between a Facebook profile and a Facebook fan page. Facebook profiles are for personal use and fan pages for business.

People vs. Business
The profiles are intended primarily for personal interaction. If you use a profile for the company, you violate Facebook terms and conditions. If Facebook finds out that you use profile for business purposes, it will be deleted. Then you will have to start from scratch by creating a Facebook fan page for your business. If you are just starting to use Facebook for business purposes, open a fan page for rather than a group. If you already have an account you use for business, we can help you switch it to fan page, and thereby also switch friends into fans.

Unlike Facebook groups, Facebook fan pages are visible also to unregistered people, i.e. to those who do not use Facebook and do not have a profile. Therefore, fan pages are indexed by search engines, which means if someone search products or services you offer, your Facebook page will appear on the search engines. If you set a profile for your company, the chances of finding your business online are lower. Sure, your Facebook friends will be able to see your profile, but new people and potential clients will not be able to find you that easy.

Fans vs. Friends
Fan pages can have an unlimited number of fans. Profiles can only have 5,000 friends. If you're trying to build your business, why limit yourself? Select the option that allows you to reach the largest possible number of potential customers.

One profile - many fan pages
You can have multiple fan pages, but only one personal profile. This is important for people who want to promote different businesses or groups.


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