HKK Široki - Facebook Campaign

HKK Široki Wwin needed a help from fans and sponsors to play in ABA league, so it launched a major project to collect donations - including a telephone number for monetary donations. Management of KK Široki Wwin opted for a Facebook campaign as the cheapest and most effective way of promotions to as many people as quickly as possible find out about this project. Facebook campaign was on from June 19th to July 1st, 2014 and the total budget was only 50 EUR.



  • promote the donation telephone number
  • increase number of fans
  • increase fan's engagement
  • increase social network awareness
  • reward fans with prize game


  • photo design
  • creating a photo contest
  • Facebook ads
  • targeting people
  • publishing posts
  • promoting the donation telephone number



  • 2,750,171 unique people saw ads
  • 20.7 total ad display 
  • 1,845 clicks
  • 693 actions
  • 419 photo sharing
  • 274 new fans
  • 257 interactions
  • 0.02 EUR click price


Photo competition with a total of 16 uploaded photos provided by HKK Široki was successful in every aspect according to the set goals. In a qualitative way they interact with existing fans and attracted the new ones, and reach was increased by 82.48 percent compared to the previous period. At the same time they achieved the main objective of the campaign - to promote the donation phone number, which was shown to a total of 2,750,171 people.


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