HKK Široki : KK Szolnoki Olaj - Facebook Campaign

For the eighth home game in ABA league, where KK Široki Primorka played against BC Szolnoki Olaj, we did the sweepstakes via Facebook wall. Fans were supposed answer the question "Who is your favorite player of HKK Široki Primorka?" in the post comments. The winners were randomly selected, and the awards were 3x5 tickets for the match - so they can take their friends to the game. Prize contest lasted from January 15 to January 17, 2014 on HercegovinaLive Facebook fan page.



  • increase youth interest in basketball
  • increase the number of visitors
  • increase the number of Facebook fans
  • increase the engagement of Facebook fans
  • reward fans of HKK Široki with 3x5 tickets for the match



  • updating posts
  • inviting fans to play the game
  • announcement of the winners
  • rewarding fans of HKK Široki with 3x5 tickets for the match



  • 2628 impressions
  • 98 entrants
  • 4371 clicks
  • new fans
  • 221 likes, comments and shares


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