Jager Music Night 2012 - Taggium and Facebook Campaign

The Jägermeister Bosnia and Herzegovina have decided intensively promote musical event Jager Music Night via Facebook, but also reward their loyal fans and customers. A successful campaign and meeting the challenges required an entirely new way of promotion, so they chose us.



• promote of music event Jager Music Night at little cost
• increase the number of fans
• connect with users and motivate them to engage
• reward users and fans


• finals of Jager Music Night 2012 with the concert of group Hladno pivo, where megapixel photo was made
• updating posts on Facebook
• creating Facebook ads about Taggium 
• creating Facebook ads about Jägermeister
• communication with Facebook fans


The users were on average about four minutes on Taggium application looking and tagging themselves and their friends and sharing it on Facebook, which is considerably longer than usual duration of a TV or radio ads. Jägermeister visuals and promotional messages were visible during this time.

• the contest was attended by about 5,000 users, 1,500 of which were tagged in concert
• larger number of fans - the number of fans on the site at the beginning of the contest was around 11 000, and after one week that number was 13,000
• larger number of likes and shares


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