How to write better posts on Facebook?

Ever since Facebook announced that it will reduce the organic range of business Facebook page, it caused problems - interactions of fans are significantly reduced. Now, only about 6% of fans see your posts, but to increase that number, follow these tips before you publish your next post:

1. Add photos
Posts with photos reach 39% more interactions; 53% more likes and 104% more comments.

2. Be concise
Posts with 250 characters or less receive 60% more interactions, while those with 80 or fewer characters 66%.

3. Use emoticons
Emoticons comments increase by 33%.

4. Publish posts on Thursdays and Fridays
Posts published on Thursdays or Fridays receive 18% more interactions than post published on other days of the week.

5. Ask questions
Post with questions will provide you with 100% more comments compared with the post with declarative sentences - especially if the question is asking for the short answer.

6. Organize competition
35% of Facebook users love to participate in various competitions and games on Facebook, so the words like a winner, winning and competition attracts more interested fans.

7. Give coupons or discounts
42% percent of Facebook users will like a page to get a coupon or discount, so this is an ideal way to increase the number of fans.



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