Web Design Psychology

As many great graphic and web designers know, human behavior is very important when you're doing a new design of your website. Knowledge of the normal forms of the human brain may help to have more benefits than design, and transmits the right message to your customers and target audience. What do people notice first on a web site?

1. Contents
Content is one of the most important parts of web design and design and typography of the text are as important as the text itself.

2. Design
Studies have shown that emphasized the header and calls to action run the user's attention more than a photo.

3. Typography
Rights typography can convince users to buy and loves your product, and it's all because of font, color and other typographic choices.

4. Photos
In the photo, color and composition play a major role. For example, happy people or elements in photographs affect the user and their feelings about a company or product. Setting text or other elements on top of the photo requires a contrast to be able to read. Name and explanation of the pictures are also very important and most users read them.


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