Wedding Venue Jabuka - Facebook Campaign

Wedding venue Jabuka from Siroki Brijeg was already present on Facebook, but via personal profile, and above all, they wanted to switch profile with 1645 friends in a fan page with just as many fans. Once this was done, we headed to the marketing campaign, whose main objective was to promote services for weddings in the area of Herzegovina. The target group were young men and women who are in a relationship or engaged. Facebook campaign was a natural choice as the cheapest and most effective way of promotion to as many people as quickly as possible for them to find out about the services of this salon. Facebook campaign was on from 11.12.2013. - 10.01.2014., and the overall budget for advertising was 50 EUR.



  • turn profile into fan page
  • promote services for weddings in the area of Herzegovina
  • increase number of fans
  • increase fan's engagement
  • increase social media awareness
  • create a specific user base with which the client can be in daily communication and respond to their queries in real time, explain their services, prices, etc.


  • switching profile to page 
  • creating and posting creative Facebook Ads
  • creating sponsored post (Boost Post) 
  • site promoting
  • targeting users by geographic area (the area of Herzegovina), age group and relationship status 
  • daily monitoring of the effectiveness
  • profile and cover photos designs
  • adding a photo album 
  • editing information about wedding venue



  • 75 196 unique person seen ads
  • 152 835 total ad display
  • 1,34 times ad shown per person
  • 3025 clicks
  • 5288 actions
  • 1377 new fans
  • 2730 interactions
  • 900 000 total targeted people


Facebook advertising by combining the ad-sponsored posts and other promotion has resulted in excellent statistics against predetermined objectives. We have achieved a quality interaction with existing customers and attract new ones while we exposed them to visuals of wedding venue Jabuka and their offers. The total number of new fans on the page is 1377.


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