Wellness Center CitySpa Mostar - Facebook Campaign

The main goal of Facebook marketing campaign for wellness center CitySpa Mostar was to promote new LesMills program of exercise, and in general all the other facilities that visitors can find in the complex. The target market is the area of Herzegovina, primarily Mostar and other nearby cities. Facebook ads, promotion, publication and quiz were the main ways of promoting in this campaign, which lasted from October 6 to October 21, 2014, and the overall budget was 50 EUR. The total number of fans on its Facebook page after the campaign is 3049.




  • promote old and news services in wellness center CitySpa Mostar in the area of Herzegovina
  • increase number of fans
  • increase fan's engagement
  • increase social network awareness
  • create a specific user base with which the client can be in daily communication and respond to their queries in real time, explaining their services, prices and similar
  • reward fans with interesting prize game



  • Facebook Ads
  • Boost Post
  • Promote Page
  • ad photos design
  • targeting users by geographic area, age and sex
  • daily monitoring and adjustment of the target groups
  • creating the quiz
  • contacting winners



  • 60,152 unique people saw ads  
  • 171,468 total ad display 
  • 2.85 times ad shown per person on average
  • 1,201 clicks
  • 2,471 actions
  • 584 new fans
  • 943 interactions
  • 87 contestants in the quiz


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