Mobile App - Nightclub „Pink Panther“, Mostar

Nightclub „Pink Panther " in Mostar is one of the most popular places for nightlife in the region, and it offers a rich entertainment content in an exclusive environment, with many surprises . One of the recent surprises of this club is their mobile application, which offers numerous benefits for users:


  • find out all about future events via event calendar,
  • see special offers of the club,
  • view photo galleries of previous events,
  • share photos on your Facebook profile,
  • download photos on your mobile phone,
  • ask a question,
  • book your table,
  • call the club directly via application or
  • download instructions on how to get to the club, if you have never visited it before.


Using this application on their mobile devices, you get the full VIP treatment from the club Pink Panther, so there is no doubt where you will spend your next night out. The application is compatible with Android devices, and it can be downloaded for free on Google Play, but soon it will be available on the iOS platform. All news and information about the nightclub "The Pink Panther" are available. Website and mobile application is created by the agency "Cicero" from Široki Brijeg.

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You can send notifications with special offers and offer your customers benefits to create loyalty: the guest list, calendar of events, photo galleries, mobile online ordering, booking option, connecting to social networks and more.


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