Mobile App for Restaurants, Nightclubs and Bars

Do you own a restaurant, café or nightclub and you want to attract more visitors? With the help of mobile app for your restaurant, pub or club, visitors can simply open the application on their mobile devices whenever they want to book a place / order a meal, look at the menu / calendar of events or to recommend your property to friends.


Mobile applications for the facilities such as restaurants, cafes and nightclubs do not necessarily have to be complicated - it is enough to include basic information such as contacts, addresses, menus, price lists and announcements of events to attract new visitors and thereby increase sales.

We offer everything one mobile application for the restaurant or nightclub should have:

• BOOK / ORDER - quick and easy booking / ordering via mobile devices
• MENU - offer and price of food and drinks at your facility
• PHOTO GALLERY - the layout of your building and photos of events
• MAP - visual directions to restaurant or nightclub
• RECOMMENDATIONS - assessment of your visitors on social networks
• CONTACT - Info data - description, address, phone, email, office hours


Our solution allows you all what great restaurants and night clubs have, but now for a price that is affordable and accessible. Contact us today! Request an offer!


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