Social Spot - a Simple Solution for Providing Internet

How many times has happened that you found yourself in a hotel, a restaurant, a coffee shop, etc. with public WiFi and did not know the password, so you had to ask employees? Share your WiFi network with your customers and improve your business, but in a way that both you and the users of the network are satisfied!


With SocialSpot, users can connect to wireless internet in your facility without any help, logging in with their Facebook, Twitter or Google+ profile and liking your page. After logging in, a user can use an interactive mobile guide with information about products and services. Results are satisfied users who have Internet access and satisfied service providers with an increased number of fans in their social network.

In addition to providing Internet, SocialSpot also provides:

• information to users
• online promotion
• increased number of likes on Facebook page
• recognition on social networks
• voucher and social logins
• saving time and money
• detailed statistics on clients


Imagine being able to send promotional messages to any user who has been close to your restaurant, cafe or hotel via mobile devices. SocialSpot lets you do just that. Learn more at or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 039 705 559.



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