10 Basic Rules for SEO - Website Optimization

Why do you want to have a website? Because almost everyone has it, because you need an online space for the presentation of your products and services or because you want to increase the number of clients and sales? If it is important for you that your potential customers find your website in the crowd of those who offer products and services that you also offer, then it is very important to start thinking about optimizing your website.

1. Keywords – accurately explore keywords and select at least five of the strongest, which will later be used in all parts of the page
2. Domain Name - choose a domain that closely describes your business. Have at least one of the chosen keyword is in the domain
3. Title Tag – every page should have a title that contains one or more keywords. Title should have at least 10 characters, but not more than 50
4. Description Meta Tag – description must include all the words mentioned in the text and must have at least one strongest keyword in it
5. Header Tag - H1 – header tag should be short and clearly describe the content and contain at least one main keyword
6. Content – text on the page should contain as many keywords, but at the same time it is important to be especially suited to readers. Care must be taken to one of the strongest keywords is in the first sentence of the text, that is as close to the beginning.
7. Photo Name – images should include the title of the main keywords, but also to describe the image itself
8. Internal Linking – enable visitors to better navigate on your website, to easily reach the information they seek. Link each article to relevant text within the page.
9. External Linking – linking to other relevant pages gives value to the site and helps to page up high on search engines.
10. Social Networks – social networks and content sharing sites on them today is necessary if you want to keep up with the competition.

If you stick to these basic rules, your site can be competitive in the search engines and take a high position. If you need optimization, please contact us and ask for an optional offer. We are ready to analyze your site and advise you without any obligation.


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