Zipline Croatia - second Facebook campaign

Second Facebook campaign for Zipline Croatia began on April 8th, 2014, and lasted until May 7th, 2014. Number of fans before the start of the campaign was 4225, and after the end of the campaign that number had increased to 5,570 total fans on the Facebook page.

The main objective of this marketing campaign was to promote the zipline as one way of great fun and adventure that visitors will not forget, primarily in the areas of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Czech Republic, Norway, Slovenia and Italy. The target group were men and women who love sports, adventure holidays in Dalmatia and similar interests. The overall budget for advertising was 130 Euros.



  • promote zipline in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Great Britain, Poland, Slovenia and Italy, to target group - young men and women who love sports, adventure, Dalmatia, etc.
  • bring as many people on Facebook page 
  • increase the number of fans 
  • increase the involvement of fans 
  • increased presence on social media 
  • create a specific user base with which the client can be in daily communication and respond to their queries in real time, explaining their services, prices and similar


  • creating and posting creative Facebook Ads (Facebook Ads) 
  • creating sponsored posts (Boost Post) 
  • promoting website (Promote Page) 
  • targeting users by geographic area (the area of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Norway and Italy), age groups and interests (sports, adventure, Adriatic, Croatia) 
  • daily monitoring of the effectiveness


  • 282 418 unique people saw ads
  • 599 575 total ad display 
  • 2,12 times shown ad per person on average
  • 2084 ad clicks
  • 3786 actions
  • 1345 new fans
  • 1654 interactions
  • increased number of fans by country: Croatia, before: 3161, after: 3502; Bosnia and Herzegovina, before: 511, after: 802; Slovenia, before: 160, after: 374; Poland, before: 62, after: 67; Czech Republic, before: 15, after: 38; Italy, before: 54, after: 213; Norway, before: 1, after: 13


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