inVjenčanja - New Mobile App

inVjenčanja is a mobile application designed for all those seeking information about the wedding venues, wedding bands, photographers and others who are engaged in activities related to the wedding in Herzegovina. Users of this free application can easily find out about all the services for weddings in Herzegovina, and service providers use the application as a very good and inexpensive marketing tool.

Home page of the application consists of five sections: news, map, city, all for weddings and advertising section. The category "News" shows all the current events and PR articles related to wedding Herzegovina. When user clicks on the "Map", he receives instructions for finding locations. In addition to the map, a wedding services can searched by city or by type of service. For example, if you click on "City" and select "Mostar", a list of all objects related to the wedding in the city of Mostar will be displayed.

Category "All for Wedding" enables to search by type of service. For example, if user clicks on the "Bridal Shop", all the bridal shops that have been included in the application will be displayed. Clicking on one of the bridal shops, a new window opens with photos, addresses and descriptions of the shop, and it is possible to contact the shop directly from the application by phone or e-mail. Clicking on the "Instructions", the user will be instructed to find a particular object. Mobile application inVjenčanja will soon be available on Google Play and in the App Store.


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