HKK Široki - Facebook Ads

Advertising campaigns on Facebook for HKK Široki began on 03/05/2014 and lasted for a month. Before advertising, the number of fans on Facebook page HKK Široki was 4500, and after the ad campaigns that number increased to 6911 with the budget of 100 euros. Target audience were men and women from the area of Herzegovina, especially in Siroki Brijeg, whose interests are sports, basketball, etc.


HKK Široki : KK Cibona - Facebook Campaign

Last home HKK Široki's game of this year against KK Cibona was marked by a new game in the basketball hall. It is a contest called "Win the clock". Competitors had to apply via Facebook and invite as many of their Facebook friends to vote for them. The three contestants with the most votes were given the opportunity to prove themselves in the basketbal hall. The task was to hit the basket as many times in 24 seconds.


HKK Široki : KK Zadar - Facebook Campaign

The match against Zadar was one of the most important in this season of ABA League - HKK Široki had to win to play in the league. The support of fans is a very important factor. The game was played on the Women's Day so the club decided to allow all women free entrance to the game. They also awarded men with 10 tickets through Facebook sweepstakes, which lasted from March 4 to March 7, 2014 on HercegovinaLive Facebook page. Sponsors of this action were companies Katarina, Suton, Kramar, Nula-Jedan, HercegovinaLive and HKK Široki.



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