5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Business Blog

Whether you're a freelancer or own a company with one or more employees, a business blog can help greatly in your work. Use it as a marketing tool, as well as digitized customer service department, as a tool for analyzing data about visitors and customers, and more. The best part is that you do not need to have developed advanced web capabilities. Check yourself these 5 important reasons why you should immediately open a business blog.


HKK Široki : KK Cedevita - Facebook Campaign

The ninth home game of HKK Široki in ABA league against Cedevita passed with another prize contest via Facebook wall. Fans were asked to like the Facebook post and Facebook pages of HKK Široki and HercegovinaLive, and thus participated in the game. Winners were randomly selected using the program, while the rewards were the original HKK Široki jersey + one ticket, and 3 x 3 tickets for the next match. Sweepstakes lasted from January 29 to Januray 31, 2014.


5 Reasons to Use Google AdWords

"Why to use Adwords" and "Does Google Adwords work?" are highly sought key phrases on Google search engine, which suggests that there are a lot of entrepreneurs who have heard of Google AdWords, but are not sure if and how they can be used. We believe that Google Adwords is very successful method of advertising that works on the principle of pay per click - and it's great for any type of business. Using Adwords requires time and money, but thousands of companies confirms that those are well spent time and money, because AdWords offers a measurable return on investment. Read our 5 reasons to use AdWords.



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