Herceg Ethno Village Medjugorje - Facebook Campaign

The main goal of Facebook marketing campaign for Herceg Ethno Village Medjugorje is to promote special offers organized for the Women's Day 2014. Target markets are Herzegovina and Central and South Dalmatia, primarily female population. One part of the campaign was directed towards Italy. Facebook campaign and giveaway were the logical choice as the most effective method of promotion in order to as many people as soon as possible learn about this special offer in restaurant in Herceg Ethno Village. Facebook campaign was on from 27.2.2014. to 8.3.2014., and the total budget was 100 EUR. In addition to the campaign, joining the main Facebook page with a duplicate was made. The total number of new fans on the main Facebook page is 5956 - including about 2,500 fans of the duplicate Facebook page.


Web Design Psychology

As many great graphic and web designers know, human behavior is very important when you're doing a new design of your website. Knowledge of the normal forms of the human brain may help to have more benefits than design, and transmits the right message to your customers and target audience. What do people notice first on a web site?


Why is it important to have a website for the small and medium enterprises?

One of the surprising things today is that a large number of small and medium-sized businesses do not have websites. You would think that in this technologically very advanced age everyone knows how important it is to have a business website. It is clear that this is not the case. Any company that does not have a web page is being deprived of the most powerful marketing tool.



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